Churapchinsky Institute for Physical Education and Sports is among the fourteen Russian universities in the field of physical education and sports. It is administered by the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy.

Churapchinsky State Institute for Physical Education and Sports was established in 1999. The Institute is based on well-known in the former USSR the Yakut sport school of wrestling of the honored coach of the USSR Dmitry Korkin.

Students receive additional specialization in the following sports: wrestling, international and Russian checkers, mas-wrestling, sports games (volleyball), traditional sports of the Northern peoples, track and field (athletics discipline), aerobic fitness, table tennis, skiing, acrobatics, boxing and bullet shooting.

Given the specifics of the region, as well as prospects for the development of the Institute, great attention is paid to the national sport, its development and promotion. The Institute has the appropriate material and technical base, equipped with modern technological equipment and inventory. So, there are educational and laboratory building, sports halls, athletics arena, hall of wrestling. The structure of the Institute includes the unique Museum of Sports Glory named by Dmitry Korkin. The campus consists of the dormitory for students and teachers, canteen, shop, health and recreation center, educational laboratory, sports training and residential complexes.  

Mission of the Institute

Ensuring the system of continuous quality training of qualified specialists competitive in the field of physical education. It is based on a combination of advanced technology training with scientific and practical activities and the preservation of ethnic and cultural traditions.

Strategic goals

- Further development of the Institute as a research-education and sports center for the multi-level training and advanced training of specialists in the sports and social spheres;

- To become a science and sports center for the development of indigenous peoples’ sports;

- To become a scientific research center of physical improvement in extreme conditions of the North.

There are 7 departments at the Institute: